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Welcome to CineSync, your ultimate destination for cutting-edge mini projector technology and immersive visual experiences. We are passionate about bringing the big screen into your life in the most compact and convenient way possible.

100% laboratory tested

All products are carefully lab tested with international standards

crystal clear visual

HD Quality

powerful processor

8-stage pipelined processor with 2-way superscalar, in-order execution pipeline

remote controller

100% paraben free to limit irritation to the most sensitive skin

Limitless Projection Possibilities

With the 180° Angle Flexible Projection Angle, you're in control. Project visuals not only on flat surfaces but also around corners, onto ceilings, floors, and even irregular shapes. This technology allows you to unleash your imagination and transform any space into a canvas of possibilities.




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Two more benefits

Immersive Visuals

Whether it's a captivating art installation, an engaging presentation, or a dynamic entertainment setup, the flexible projection angle immerses your audience in an experience like no other. Achieve visual impact that stretches beyond the conventional, captivating attention from every angle.

Adaptable to Any Environment

Say goodbye to fixed projection setups. The 180° Angle Flexible Projection Angle adapts to your environment effortlessly. Adjust the projection angle to fit the contours of your space, ensuring that your visuals are always showcased at their best.

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